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Jungles, Rivers, and Mayas

Our thrilling adventure in Chiapas takes you back into Mayan culture and history, deep into the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO recognized site, better known as the Lacandon Jungle, and close to Chiapa´s colonial legacy. This vibrant region will trigger your senses and your imagination. Be prepared to hold your breath at the sight of the Mayan cities of Palenque and Yaxchilán. Rediscover yourself while promenading around the colonial town of San Cristóbal de las Casas, set in a beautiful mountain valley. Prepare your palate for delicious local cuisine and connect with the sacred Lacandon Jungle.

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Trip Highlights

  • Hike, paddle and float through the largest biosphere reserve in Southern Mexico. Amaze yourself by Chiapas´ wildlife, Mayan archaeological sites and colonial cities.

  • The perfect mix of adventure, culture and nature: Chiapas has it all; and this trip will prove why this state in southern Mexico, which is 30% larger than all of Costa Rica, is the next up and coming world adventure travel destination.

  • Explore the largest biosphere reserve in México, Montes Azules.

  • Take breathless hikes through the pristine Chiapanec rainforest.

  • Cruise the Lacantún river, self-float on the Tzendales, and motor canoe the Usumacinta river, the "freeways" of Mayan civilization, while howler monkeys, scarlet macaws (guacamayas), toucans, crocodiles, tapir and potentially jaguar, will keep you company.

  • Visit the amazing ancient Mayan sites of Yaxchilán and Palenque which date to the 7th and 8th centuries AC.

  • Enjoy a trip back in time while experiencing the colonial beauty of San Cristobal de las Casas. Overnight at the posh Na-bolom hotel and the Hacienda El Parador at Comitán.

ic includes

Trip Includes

  • Meals: 6 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Full Accommodation (twin shared): 4 hotel
        nights, 3 adventure lodge nights
  • Proper Equipment
  • All activities on itinerary
  • Internal Land Transportation
  • Airport Transfers

ic lodging


Na Bolom Hotel and Museum


Lacandonia Eco Lodge

Mision Palenque


Hotel Quinta Real


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Pricing Per Person

2 $ 2,555 USD

3 to 6 $ 2,345 USD

7 to 9

$ 2,097 USD

More than 9

$ 1,855 USD

Bring the Kids!: $150 child discount

(ages 10-15, child sharing a room with 2 adults)

Antonio del Rosal

Antonio, son of a US Diplomat and a Mexican lawyer, became an Eagle Scout at the age of 15. He began guiding while studying Civil Engineering in 1993, specializing in trekking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and horseback riding expeditions throughout Mexico. He holds an MBA from Georgetown University, has been involved in private equity, international banking, planning and strategy for multinational firms, headed Mexico´s largest adventure travel company and is currently advisory board member for ATTA, the Adventure Travel Trade Association. He is also marketing coordinator for Mexico´s Tourism Promotion Board. Antonio is helping shape the adventure travel industry in Mexico and considers guiding not only a lifestyle decision, but an essential element to maintaining a pulse on the market and making sure his recommendations to other operators and government agencies are accurate and up to date.

Rebeca del Rosal

Travel has been an integral part of Rebeca´s upbringing. Extensive travel through Mexico, India, Japan, China, Thailand, Nepal, Egypt, Morocco, Europe and America has given her a special sensitivity towards local people and customs. Rebeca studied history in Mexico City, and pursued a Masters in Liberal Studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC. This knowledge gives Rebeca a special edge while developing new itineraries since she looks for truly unique experiences, out of the ordinary encounters and culturally rich perspectives.

Carlos del Rosal

A graduate of Westminster College Hotel Management School in London, Carlos has extensive experience in international business and the development of luxury hotels and facilities management in corporate headquarters throughout Europe and Mexico. Raised in a bicultural home with considerable multicultural exposure, he is completely bilingual in English and Spanish. His passion for traveling and keen sense of adventure led him to explore Mexico on motorcycle. As Managing Director of The Muddy Boot, Carlos brings broad international knowledge and expertise. He is avid to take on any challenge in heading operations and business development for our team.

Guillermo Magallón Fierro

Apasionado de le naturaleza, los deportes de aventura y la adrenalina, Memo es Técnico en Urgencias Medicas, del Escuadrón SOS A.C., inicialmente trabajo en ambulancias de la institución, pero su pasión por viajar y aprender con nuevos horizontes lo llevo a colaborar con diferentes empresas LUDICORP, Rio y Montaña, Lago y Tierra, Kin Camp, entre otras. Enfocadas al ramo de campamentos, viajes de aventura, desarrollo e integración profesional, estas empresas lo han llevado a vivir grandes aventuras por más de 8 años. También se ha desarrollado en el ámbito de las artes, durante quince años práctico danza folklórica mexicana, pudiendo participar en diferentes foros, teatros, concursos y encuentros de danza; la Fotografía es otra disciplina donde ha empezado a desarrollarse. Actualmente colabora en el servicio médico del Colegio Green Hills y en una agencia de fotografía, recientemente creada Angular 11-18 México.

Lander Irueste

Bachelor's degree in graphic design at Schreiner College, Kerrville, Texas in 1994. Joined The Boy Scouts of America from a Cub Scout up to Boy Scout to become and the chairman of the board for the BSA & Adventure Scouts in Mexico. I specialize in the entertainment industry, since 1994 to 2013, Producing and Organizing Shows and Event’s at an international level. 2002 to 2013 Network Executive for Live and pre recorded Television Shows, Series, reality shows and game show and other formats to be broadcasted nationally and international, Responsible for the productions budget as well for the productions operations, monitoring all productions services, assuring the corporate commitments and goals were met. I have always participated in all kinds of out door sports and physical activities, participating in different types of expeditions through Mexico discovering new and amazing places, specializing in Mountain bike, Horseback riding, Whitewater Rafting, and Trekking.

Ivan Zafra

Ivan is our expert guide on Zapotec and Mixtec cultures.

Elena del Palacio

Elena is a Marketing and Branding expert, with over 10 years of experience in strategic planning and branding for touristic destinations and touristic products. In her position as Agency Management/Marketing Director, for the Mexico Tourism Board, she had the responsibility of strategic planning and branding for the “Mexico” brand in North America as well as content development for the Mexico and Northamerica campaigns. She developed specific marketing strategies for Cultural, Luxury and Adventure Tourism for Mexico, and acted as project manager for a variety of projects aimed to position the MEXICO brand all over the world.Before her collaboration in the Mexico Tourism Board, Elena was Online Communication Director for the Festivities Committee of the city of Durango.Elena has a Bachellor’s degree in Communications Sciences from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, and majored in Marketing and Media Production.

Jassiel Romero

Jassiel is an Engineering student and is fortunate enough to live in Valle de Bravo one of the true meccas of mountain biking in Mexico. Jassiel has guided professionally for the last 5 years and is one of the rising stars in the mountain biking scene. His friendly personality and his drive for excellence make him one of our top guides.

Manuel Olivier Grosselet

Manuel is a world known bird specialist who since 1988 has participated in numerous bird monitoring programs in Europe, North Africa and North and Central America. He is also an expert bird watching guide whose work has led to the observation of more than 850 bird species throughout Mexico, having been able to photograph more than 650. Since 2001 Manuel is responsible for the Oaxaca City bird monitoring program, and for providing all bird data which generates in Oaxaca, Mexico City and France to Ebird, an online program created by the University of Cornell. He has authored the book Aves de Oaxaca and the Guía de Aves de México Vol.1Ciudad de México and the almost to be published the Guía de Aves de Monte Albán y Yagul, Oaxaca; as well as more than 15 articles in different national and international publications.

Luis Fernando Garduño

Since a very young age Luis developed strong feelings of respect and admiration towards nature and the people who live in constant contact with it. In 1996 he arrived to southern Baja California where he started his professional career on sustainable tourism working as a nature guide, sub-aquatic photographer and scuba diving guide. For 5 years he travelled throughout Europe and the South Pacific, studied cinematography in Australia and volunteered in a social project for children in France. In 2007 he returned to southern Baja California where he worked as sales manager and marketing for one of the most prestigious adventure travel companies in the region and later became part of RED Sustainable Tourism, a network of community-based tour operators dedicated to providing world class conservation adventures along the Baja California península.

Rubén Encalada

Rubén was born in Mérida, in the state of Yucatán, and grew up in Cancun, in the 80s when this region was still developing. His love for the outdoors began as a child, and his bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management helped capitalize his outdoor experience. Since 2011 Rubén had the opportunity to begin operations with Maya Amazing Adventures, where he developed a whole new concept of Adventure Travel operation in the Yucatán peninsula. “Adventure Travel is the best way to connect with nature and understand the local culture of the places we visit”, Rubén remarked. His wealth of experience, impeccable business ethic and personal sensitivity make him the ideal person to lead The Muddy Boot’s operations.


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